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Interview with FernTV

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Interview with Fernando Fernandez in anticipation of the premiere of ABHORRENT at the BLOOD IN THE SNOW film festival on November 24, 2019.

I discuss the score and screen select video clips from ABHORRENT and past projects.

Conversation topics include:

5:07 Discussion about ABHORRENT film

9:03 ABHORRENT clip

10:30 Discussion on choosing instrumentation & approaches to scoring scenes

13:40 Discussion on music for TO THE NEW GIRL

15:18 Discussion on technology

18:50 Genres of films

20:20 END OF DAYS, INC. scene setup

23:36 END OF DAYS, INC. clip

26:10 Composer influences

32:43 On the value of live performances of scores in concert

40:36 LITTLE MISS JIHAD scene setup


43:05 comedy writing and LITTLE MISS JIHAD

46:40 Rewrites & mishaps TO THE NEW GIRL and COMMERCIALS

51:52 Getting a gig & advice for young composers


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