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End of Days, Inc. Cast/Crew Screening

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

Cast and crew turned out for a screening of End of Days, Inc. at the Royal Cinema. Starring Mark O'Brien, Paulino Nunes, Carolyne Maraghi, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, Janet Porter, Anna Ferguson & Yulia Petrauskas the film is about a group of laid-off workers bribed into working one last night only to discover that processing the last of their "inventory" will lead to cataclysmic consequences.

The Royal Theatre marquis for the cast/crew screening of End of Days, Inc. when it was still known as The End of Days at Godfrey Global Inventory.

Composer Rohan Staton, Cast Members Janet Porter & Mark O'Brien, Director Jennifer Liao, Cinematographer Ben Lichty, Producer Sandy Kellerman & Composer Maria Molinari


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