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'Danza' receives its debut commercial recording!

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

The first movement of my concert work 'Tre Pezzi per Violino e Pianoforte' has been released on CD by the Mathieu-Chua Duo on the Centrediscs label. The entire three movement work was premiered in 2006 by acclaimed violinist Moshe Hammer and pianist Marc Widner.

Featuring violinist Veronique Mathieu and pianist Stephanie Chua, the CD features my work alongside celebrated Canadian concert music composers Healey Willan and Alice Ho.

~ Listen to 'Danza' as performed by the talented duo of violinist Daniel Temnik & pianist Benjamin Smith below.

~ The score & parts are available via the Canadian Music Centre

~ Hear the complete 'Tre Pezzi per Violin e Pianoforte' 3 movement work as played by violinist Corey Gemmell & pianist David Swan in the audio recording below.

Corey Gemmell, Violin; David Swan, Piano

Recorded at Humbercrest United Church, Toronto

Recorded by Frank Lockwood

Produced by Maria Molinari

Violinist Veronique Mathieu, Producer David Jaeger, Pianist Stephanie Chua, Composer Alice Ho & Composer Maria Molinari at the CD launch held at the Canadian Music Centre in Toronto on September 15, 2017.

Violinist Moshe Hammer, Maria Molinari & Pianist Marc Winner at the 2006 premiere of Tre Pezzi Per Violino e Pianoforte


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