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Updated: Apr 19, 2019

I am thrilled to announce that I am scoring the film adaptation of Samantha Macher's hit stage production TO THE NEW GIRL. A feature film written, directed, acted, and crewed entirely by women! 

Praise for the theatrical productions of TO THE NEW GIRL

“A bracing blitz of pure estrogen.” - F. KATHLEEN FOLEY, LOS ANGELES TIMES  

“Macher’s writing reflects the humor and detail of an insightful storyteller.” - DEBORAH KLUGMAN, LA WEEKLY  

“Written with gritty insight and raw emotion, by promising new young playwright Samantha Macher, this is a provocative study of the deep pain of “cheating” by your ‘one and only.’ … Some scenes are humorous, some are kinky, and some are heartwarming… but all contain painful honesty.” - PAT TAYLOR, TOLUCAN TIMES


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